State of the Game #204: XP Rewards

Welcome to another state of the game! This past week has been a bit hectic. I spent some time tracking down some more unusual issues that users were having and that lead to a small change with the websites account system. users are no longer allowed to have spaces in their name. Moving on to more fun things!

I got talked into a new account reward during the dev stream this week. I present to you, Alpha-2 silver!

It’s so shiny!

In addition to partaking in random viewer requests during the streams, I have been adding in a proper end of battle screen, know as the Battle Report.

There is a lot going on in this shot, but in game a lot of that information will be temporary, so it won’t feel super busy.

This screen did force me to relook at how I was doing the XP rewards. Currently, I was doing all the rewards in realtime. This meant that if a player left a match, the only real thing they were missing out on were the end of match bonus for the win. I want to change this. My current plan is to only award account XP in realtime. At the end of the match, you will receive additional bonuses based on your performance and then the roletype XP will be calculated and awarded. Part of this is to help the heuristics of doing a proper role-type determination, but the other part is to add a deterrent for dropping out of a match. Dropping out negatively affects your teammates, so I wanted there to be a deterrent for it, however small it is.

That’s all for this week! I will leave you this parting gift of me trying to make the ultimate rocket spammer with 28 rocket packs.


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  1. I tried my own 28 Rocket build an it is pretty immense. I found staggering the weapon groups firing evenly allowed for a constant stream of rockets to be launched which is helpful when it comes to figuring out the characteristics of rockets like the range where they drop off. You can then walk the projectiles into the path of your target. Plus it’s just hilarious bombarding a target with 112 rockets every few seconds. I wonder what the DPS output is on this?


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