State of the Game #208: 4 years and counting!

Wow, 4 years of state of the game posts! Time flies when you are a 1 person team making a massive game!

This week has actually not been that productive. :/ I was able to get some more work done finalizing the landmines and getting some additional progress on No Man’s Pass v2 done, but sadly on Friday night, right before the Friday Night Fights stream, I got a call that a family member of ours had passed away. I have spent most of the week mourning her passing with my wife, kids, and extended family. While this might not have been the big 4 year post that I wanted to make, it is a very important time in my life.

Any time there is a death, I feel it is natural to reflect upon your own life and evaluate what you want to do and what you feel is important. Strangely, M.A.V. and it’s amazing community have been a comforting anchor point during the past four years and even more so over the past 5 days.

You guys and gals have been amazing to me and I can only hope I can return that amazingness back. Here’s to another 4 years of State of the Game updates and awesome stompy robot battle games!

P.S. – The Dev stream is still on for tonight! Join us!

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  1. It always sucks to lose people, but no matter what happens there’s always someone that’s got your back. Even if that’s the lot of us, haha.

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