State of the Game #209: Progress is coming!

Wow, what a difference a week can make! This week, has been a week of motion for sure. In fact, for a while there I was getting nervous that everything was stalling out, but, turns out it couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Bug Fixes


Come and get them! I have been serving up bug fixes all week! Who ordered the corrected rotation speeds if you are using a controller? Cause I got a fix for you! Funny enough, this wasn’t even slightly related to using the controller! I lugged out my xbox 360 controller, got it all setup and did some heavy testing, only to find the exact same results as I got with my mouse. Naturally, my first thought was all the users reporting the bug were dirty rotten lairs ¬†;), but then I remembered this video

Turns out, I am stupid and was not frame rate limiting the turn speed. People with faster frame limits would have higher turn speeds! This could actually be significant, as a person running 30 FPS would turn much slower than one running 60 FPS! This is fixed properly now and I made the fix work for the death camera and spectator cameras as well.

There were also quite a few other bug fixes!

Fixed the shield prefix bug with the light armor.

Fixed ‘healing’ armor by limiting all values to 100 max

Fixed map not appearing if there were any turrets in the level

On top of that, I added a few new things:

There is now a match results banner that appears to show victory or defeat at the end of the round.

End of round flow now goes | results banner -> Xp rewards -> Leaderboard report

And I also made a few small changes to the projectile system.

Weapon deflections are no longer a thing. They looked like a bug and having them do reduced damage was not very readable.

We also got some great work in on No Man’s Pass v2 on twitch! Join us again tonight while we continue the level and maybe sneak in a secret feature while we are at it!

I general good news about M.A.V., the facebook page has started doing really well! If you are on Facebook, you should check out the MAV page! There is also a growing sub-reddit that needs you to go and vote on awesome content from the community!

That is all for the week! See you tonight in the Dev stream!

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  1. I do wish you’d put more screenshots up around the place- like pics of the ice texture and stuff.

    I think you have the right idea with the light and dark, but you need the dark to be less spotty and more geometric or streaky- as well as having less of it overall, so the whole texture is lighter.

    It’s a good texture, though, and even as it stands it works. You could even do things like putting different colors in based on the level based on what sorts of minerals would be there- plain white and grey for nothing, reddish for iron, bluish for copper or whatnot, that sort of thing.

    The big thing to look at it shape- those are more amethyst crystal in shape- ice crystals would be flatter, more planar, and would tend to grow out at 60 degree angles, so they’d end up as giant fans or sprays of crystal, rather than the squat pointed hex of a quartz crystal.

    1. I also take a sort of annoyed Pride in the description of Germans (being of German descent myself).

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