State of the Game #220: Unlocking the Unlocking system

Forgive me for the terrible title.

So this week I have been hammering away at lots of small polish tasks and issues that are coming up during testing. The largest new feature is the unlocking and full XP system.

Yep, that’s right, you will now have to EARN your parts! Don’t worry, there are plenty of parts to be had and the unlocking is not going to prevent you from enjoying the game. In fact, in testing, it has proven quite the opposite. I am finding people enjoying more of the parts and trying builds with parts they normally would never use.

There has also been quite a large balancing of parts as well. The goal of the balancing was to remove the system that is currently in-place that can make parts that are just flat out better than other parts. I saw this a lot with the reverse joint legs, the highest ‘tier’ part was just flat out better, with better health, speed, and stability than most of the other reverse joint legs. This is no longer the case! Each part is much more different than the other parts in its same ‘class’ and this means higher level parts are just more specialized, but not really better. In fact, some of them will appear quite like a downgrade, that is until you come across the perfect situation for that part! Like the variation of the pitbull cockpit that had only 1 weapon group. Sounds terrible at first, but it also had the health and armor of the normal pitbull’s but the stability of a sniper class cockpit! Mixed with it’s unique profile, it could quickly become the go to cockpit for alpha strike sniper builds. These are the types of changes that I am currently testing.

Overall, the testing is going well and I feel the power level of parts, in relation to same class parts, is fairly balanced. My favorite biped legs are still the level 1 legs! There are some outstanding balance issues between part classes though, like flamers being super over powered currently. Other than that, things are going smoothly!

Also, if you are a Kickstarter backer [Thank you!] there will be an update soon about the Name a Part reward tier, so keep an eye out for it! 😉

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