State of the game #23: Multiplayer cleanup

Hey everyone! Another week, and another state of the game. This week has been a fun week. I have been focusing a lot more on backend systems, and will continue that for a few weeks, but that don’t mean you can’t tell the difference in builds. Speaking of which, you can grab version 0.2.9 now!

Here are a list of the changes this week:


+Terrain tracking for Treads
+ Shadows
+Better Network Prediction
+Laid ground work for a complete player / team system
+Multiplayer player stats (kills, deaths, assits, ect…) created

* Fixed ‘all’ collision bugs with the MAV editor
* Slowed movement and rotation speeds greatly
* Clamped mouse input sensitivity (was causing issues with controls being way to sensitive)

Please report any bugs you find to our forums!

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