State of the Game #230: Continued Snapshot work

This week I worked on a new snapshot build that I was able to release on Monday!

Version 0.6.5_1 contains these changes:

-Fixed ghost players on siege mode

-Implemented max player limit for servers. Default is 16. Controlled by adding the line MaxPlayers=16 to the ServerConfig.ini under the ServerSettings header. AI do not count against this limit.

-Max team count for Arena servers. Controlled by adding “MaxTeams=2” to ServerConfig.ini under ArenaMode header. Default is 32.

-Fixed lots of collision issues with rocks on Giant Leap

– Joining a Siege game in-progress will drop you directly to spectator mode until the end of the round. If you are rejoining and your MAV was still intact, you will retake control of your MAV.

-Fixed unlock conditions for Armored-Stabilized-RJ-Boosted and Armored-Stabilized-Stomper-Boosted

You can join in on the discussion of the snapshot here:

I am continuing to make some small fixes and will likely have 1 more snapshot update before pushing this out as a stable build.

In the mean time, I have moved 4 of the servers to the snapshot builds and left 4 of the official servers on the stable build.

That’s all for this week! See you next week!

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