State of the Game #235: The value of progress

Wow, it’s been a very busy week!

I have been spending a lot of time this week getting things ready for other people, as this week marks the first time there are 3 people other than myself working on MAV. I am still continuing to work as well, of course, but at a bit of a reduced pace as I answer questions and ensure everyone has what they need to continue work. I have also been hard at work implementing all the great things coming in to the game as well!

I think that even more exciting, is that I am actively looking for another person to add to the team!

Most of my time in the game has been in the pregame lobby, working on the functionality of the UI. I have completely redone the way you switch MAV’s during the lobby, for both single and multiplayer, as well as updating the¬†all of the visuals to match with the rest of the new UI. I will also be implementing some better flow control and messaging for the multiplayer pregame lobby, both from player feedback and my observations from watching a lot of different players go through the process.

I haven’t forgotten about the twitch drops program either! I have implemented a manual method of doing the twitch connection through Oauth with the your¬†Bombdog account, but I still need to do some implementation details to allow it to be automated and flow well through the website process.

See you next week!

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      For the game section? Yes, it has all been done, it’s up to Google to pick it up and implement it though.

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