State of the Game #240 : Heads down

Sorry for the short update. I am heads down working to get the Summer Update out. I have finished the current garage UI and have moved on to the Battle report screen. Rachael has been driving for quite a bit of quality and I feel like it is paying off a ton!

Here is a work in progress shot:


That is all for this week!

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  1. That actually looks pretty nice.

    New chassis, new map, a reworked multi rocket (maybe two?), bug fixes, improved turret loadouts, entirely redone menus and garage.
    I can’t wait for 😀

    Not sure if i’m looking forward to the reintroduction of impact knocking though, that was obnoxious.

  2. Your spider graph still says SOLDIER instead of Attacker.

    In fact, there’s a few places in the game that do that- Heavy Gunner instead of Support and Soldier instead of Attacker in splash screens and the like.

    Can you just do, like, a full-game ctrl-f for those?

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