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History is waiting for you!

For years our civilization has struggled against the depletion of the fleeting resources Mother Earth had in store for us. We, as a species, have grown far too much for the meager confines of our home world. From our humble beginnings, carving tools out of stone, to the grand civilizations that made the wonders of antiquity, and finally to the world we have today, we have expanded and developed through the ever increasing marvel of human ingenuity.

But the materials we now require to forge the miracles of our technological age were growing thinner and the very fate of the civilization we had built as a species rested in the balance, at the very brink of disaster. But as things seemed direr and about to crumble, Fate itself intervened to provide a light to guide us into a new era of prosperity and civilization advancement!

The comet that hit the moon of Jupiter, Europa, has revealed a treasure trove of resources direly needed to save our Earth. Phosphor, platinum, palladium, and many other resources are now at the reach of Humankind. But in order to claim such untapped potential we need both to surpass the vast distance separating our blue pearl of a world from the titan that is Jupiter, and also to find the people with the right stuff within them to become the heroes of this new age.

Jupiter stands five times farther away from Sun compared to Earth. Our engineers are currently working on the means to reach this distant location, forging interplanetary vessels only dreamt about by our ancestors. Holding stations and mining outposts are being sent to the Asteroid Belt in order to lay the groundwork for the effort necessary to travel all the way to Jupiter. Technologies that until very recently only existed in the realms of science-fiction and the dreams of the visionaries are now a reality.

At the same time, our first pioneers are already training resolutely to become the first to walk on this brave new world. They will land on Europa in the next few years and spot the resources we need here on Earth.

But they won’t be able to unearth them on their own. For that they will need someone who is strong, brave, hard-working, and resolute enough to follow their steps. They need someone who does not shy away from a challenge, from the chance to become rich beyond one’s wildest dreams, from the opportunity of a lifetime!

They need you!

The travel through the interplanetary space will be perilous, true, befitting only to the true adventurers of our generation. You will be travelling across the most well-known regions of the universe, high above the red deserts of Mars, through the rich depths of the Asteroid Belt, and finally reaching the swirling beauty of the largest planet in the Solar System, around with revolves Europa. But the risk is worthwhile.

Because those who volunteer for this travel will be offered opportunities beyond imagination! Your nation will even be paying for your journey! The amount of ore and other riches waiting for you and Mankind in Europa is such that you will gather a trove of unimaginable treasures in no time.

And there is more! Amazing new equipment developed by the greatest minds on Earth will become your muscle!

These machines, the Modular Mining Vehicles, are like the titans from the myths of yore. Heavy and large, they are built to withstand the worst the Universe can throw at them. They are big,they are modular, and they are a mean mining machine! They can also be adapted to a wide array of new functions, as the user deems necessary. Do you require a machine capable of moving swiftly through the plains of Europa? Add wheels! Do you require something able to climb to the highest peaks of this new frontier? Add a fantastic hexa-pod module! Do you need to build a new home for you and your family? Add arms and the machine will help you build a new life on the spot!

With the MMV you won’t just unearth incredible treasures, you will also build a new home for Humanity. Other tools like fabricators and fusion reactors will allow you to create habitats, hydroponic farms, shelters, power stations, roads, and all the amenities that a civilized world requires to thrive and prosper!

In sum: our world needs the resources now discovered on Europa. Our civilization must to travel into the depths of the Solar System to claim them. This voyage will have risks, but with the conjunction of human ingenuity and the experience acquired from a century of space travel, the bold pioneers will prevail! The rich soil and seas of Europa will also present innumerable challenges. But the pioneers will be equipped with the machines and the tools to overcome them, and they will prevail!

Finally, by exploring these resources, the pioneers will create a new home. Thanks to them our species will no longer be shackled to the surface of this Earth, and the path will be opened to the colonization of the Solar System and the stars beyond. Such an important job will also guarantee a hefty prize, befitting of such an industrious venture. The riches at the reach of you and your Modular Mining Vehicle are innumerable. The United Earth Council will provide, and the United Earth Council will reward those that excel.

Those who answer the call of this greatest of adventures will become the true pathfinders that will carve the first pages of this new chapter in the history of our entire species!

You will be one of these pioneers!

Your name will be written in the pages of the history books, along those of heroes like Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, Eileen Collins, Bohai Yu, Hinako Subaru, and many others!

Join the right side of History today! Join the crews heading to Europa. Join the pioneers of this prodigious new era. Become an adventurer. Become a trailblazer. Become a hero! And get rich beyond your wildest dreams!

This is happening now, and this quest needs you!

Go to the nearest recruiting office for more information and to claim your slot in this greatest of adventures! Do you have what is needed? Can you make the cut?

Join now and find out! Soon you will traveling to Europa and to a world of prosperity and adventure!

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