State of the Game #244: A Mystery has Appeared!

It has been a very busy week! I put out a new hotfix build that had some minor fixes in them and had an amazing stream on Saturday on Twitch. Since then I have been working on the next big update which will be coming to you very soon!

To celebrate this coming update, I will be giving away an EXCLUSIVE part! This mystery part will be exclusive for the giveaway winners and will be a great way to show off in-game!

So how do you enter? Easy, just fill out this form here:

This form does not exist


But there is more! Because we all want control of our own destiny’s, there is an easy way to earn MORE entries into the contest! To gain an extra entry, all you have to do is create a video or live stream of MAV related content and post it to the forums! The video has to be newly created, so no old videos please. Winners will be chosen based on a combination of these factors: number of entries, quality of answers on the entry form, and random drawing.

Here are some great examples of past videos for inspiration:


Winners will be announced next week at the State of the Game!

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  1. “Hello [Name],

    We have received your entry to the October Part Contest!. The winner will be contacted by email on October 5th. Here are the details you have submitted to us:”

    thanks cyber, you really know how to make a girl feel special

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  2. Question, how many extra entries do we get for MAV related videos? Can we just pump a bunch out for more entries?

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      2 entries per video. Unlimited videos, though I do retain the right to ban entries if the are blatant spam attempts [like cutting 1 video into 100 10 second videos].

  3. “Please remember, for a video entry to count, you must be able to verify ownership of the video to Bombdog Studios. If you can’t verify the ownership, don’t submit it to the contest!”
    Oh boy. Does that mean nothing with any copyrighted content whatsoever or does that just mean “Don’t post other peoples’ MAV videos”?

  4. Can we get a weekly community spotlight in the State of the Games from now on with things like videos, builds, models, songs, events, and artwork in them? It really helps the content creators get exposure and it acts as added value to the State of the Game posts.

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      I think that should be it’s own post. State of the game is really about the development progress. The community stuff is important enough to live on it’s own and have it’s own newsletter.

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