State of the Game #271: Safe and Secure

Welcome to this weeks State of the Game! You may notice a little icon in your browser url bar this week. That’s right, Bombdog Studios has gone fully SSL!

Previously, our login and checkout process were encrypted, but it was brought to our attention that people wanted to see a little more security while they browsed the site as well. We agreed and made the choice to go to a fully encrypted connection. This means that the entire time you are on the Bombdog Studios website, you can be assured you are dealing with us and not someone posing as us!

The website checkout process will still be encrypted through PayPal, ensuring that we never store or receive any of your payment information. This also mean that logins through the game client are both bit encrypted AND connection secured!

There was a small hotfix release to address this new encryption as well, as the game client prevents login request redirects from the old endpoint to the new endpoint. This redirect protection was also implemented as an additional security feature.

The M.A.V. partnered streamer program has also continued to grow with both MetalGameGeek and VABSilent joining the team! Make sure you go show them your support! If you are looking for people streaming M.A.V., there is a good chance you can find them under the Twitch MAV Community.
Speaking of Twitch, we are looking into the Twitch Drops program which would allow us to do special events during streams of the game if certain conditions were met. This has a LOT of interesting potential for us and feeds into our community focused development. I will make sure to keep you updated with what we decide!

That’s all for this week!

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