State of the Game #29: In game chat!

Hey everyone! Another week and another update.

So I had these great plans of making a great video to show some of the new feature in this week and to kind of detail how the procedural part system works and will be expanded but, nature felt otherwise. I have been really sick this week and have all but lost my voice, so recording a video was out. Sorry, but I will make it up when I am feeling better!

You can grab the new build from your user page and please report any bugs you find to the forum!

So what is new this week:

So the big focus for this release was to build out a part rotation feature for the editor. I actually got that in much faster than I anticipated so I took some suggestions from you guys for what to add in. So here is what is new.

+ Added limited part rotation. Press ‘q’ and ‘e’ to rotate the weapons.
+ Added ‘Remember Me’ functionality to the login screen.
+ Added tab support to the login boxes
+ Added Light Armor part
+ Added Cannon weapon type to the parts (~25 new parts)
+ Added In Game Chat for multiplayer (activated with ‘tab’)
+ Added WASD support for rotating around the M.A.V. in editor (arrow keys also work)
+Added new Crosshairs

*Changed the weapon group edit key from ‘w’ to ‘r’
* Tweaked a lot of the part stats.

I tweaked a lot of the weapon stats to try out a few things. I made sniper rifles MUCH more powerful but at the exepense of kick force. I also changed the base ammo counts and tweaked several other stats. Please let me know what you think!

As you can see there are two new part types:

Light Armor: 

This armor piece can be used to trade fire power for protection. It makes a great addition to any sniper build to help protect the low defense sniper weapons. You can also Rotate this part to protect different areas by pressing ‘Shift+E’.

Cannon Weapons:

Cannon weapons are all about firepower. These weapons tend to trade range and fire rate for armor and sheer damage. Perfect for a mid-range build or heavy defender type MAV, a well aim shot with a group of cannons can destroy an enemy MAV.

I plan on hosting a large multiplayer game this Saturday, so be sure to sign on and join the game to play against me!

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