State of the Game #28 : Alpha 0.3.1

New week, new update!

If you are an alpha member you can find a new build available for download on your user page. If not, you can still play the free demo or sign up here!

So, what is new this week :

This week I focused on some back end systems to help speed up future updates, but I do have some new content. There are now 90 weapons in the game!



+Shotgun weapon type added

+Usernames show on tags now

*Part balance tuned for new shotguns

*AI tweaked to properly use shotguns

*Fall through terrain bug is fixed

*Player tag spawning bugs fixed

If you run into ANY issues, please make a post on the forums!

The plan for next week will add part rotation to the editor, armor parts, and more! See you then.

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