State of the game #27: Alpha Release!

After countless hours and many late late nights I am proud to announce the Alpha release (version 0.3.0)

There is quite a bit in this release so I made a video demo showing some of the new game play.

This is also the first paid release, so if you would like to help out buy purchasing the game and being part of the alpha funding you can purchase it by creating an ingame account here.

Once you have created an account, you will be given the chance to upgrade to a paid account, unlocking all future updates for only $10.

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Here is what all went into the new release:

+Reworked all networking code for a better/faster multiplayer system
+Created the Siege game mode
+Fixed Multiplayer respawning
+Enabled editing your MAV without leaving the multiplayer game
+Added in a money system
+Added in part costs
+Added in the new Biped type legs
+Added in defensive building structures
+Added in turrets (again)
+Unified the single and multiplayer systems

*Fixed AI targeting bugs
*Fixed AI standstill bugs
*Fixed Multiplayer death disconnecting you
*Fixed some 4:3 screen ratio UI problems
*Fixed so many bugs I can’t remember how many

Remember, you can buy the game for just $10 and be guaranteed every future update!

For next week, I plan to focus a bit on content.

I will create some Shotgun weapon types and rework the level, as well as fixing any bugs that come up.

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