State of the Game #26: Preparing for Alpha

For this week I have started making some great progress into everything required for the 0.3.0 release. Also, I have been looking at the amount of work in the release and what lies ahead and can announce that 0.3.0 will be the Official Alpha release and will mark the movement away from pre-alpha development. What does this mean?

Well, to start, M.A.V. will be officially for sale. This means that to be able to continue to receive updates you will need to purchase an alpha funding pre-order. The price will be $10 and will guarantee you all future updates to M.A.V. . The money will go directly back into supporting the development of the game (hiring artists, server costs, ect.) and allow me to focus more of my time into the development.

The Alpha release will have a full game mode called Siege. This game mode will pit 2 teams against each other in a race to destroy the other teams communications center. The game is played in rounds lasting 10mins (or until a base is destroyed). You will start the round with limited funds to purchase parts for your M.A.V. but you can gain more funds by damaging or destroying an enemy. You also get replenished with a minimal amount of funds every time you respawn. As you play you can use your funds to buy better parts or you can invest those funds into purchasing and placing defensive structures (like turrets, repair depots, or walls).
Here is what I have done for next week’s release:
+Round system is done
+Siege Game Mode is done
+Money system is in place
+Building system is done

Things that I will be working on this week:

+Fixing a few networking bugs
+Adding in UI elements for the Money system
+Adding in UI for the Building system
+Creating a Tutorial for the game
+Creating a Login system for the game
+Creating UI for the end-of-round summary screen
+Creating respawn menu UI

Well, that’s it for this week. See you next week!

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