State of the Game #25 : March to 0.3.0

Hey everyone! To start things off, there will not be a new build this week. I am working very hard on the 0.3.0 update, which will bring M.A.V. into a full Alpha state.

Here are the things I have been working on for the Alpha release.

As always, bug fixes are a high priority item. I want to enter Alpha with as few of bugs as possible, and I have been making very good progress in eradicating them all.

To be Alpha, I will also have in an actual game mode! The game mode I am working on right now can be thought of as a condensed version of the full game. It is played as 2 teams defending thier bases. If a base is destroyed, that team loses.

Here are few of the up and coming features.

You will be rewarded for your hard work! You will gain resources while fighting which will allow you to purchase better weapons and parts.

If you have the resources, you cand build defensive features to help you. These include, barricades, turrets, and repair stations.

Player Names:
I am building a system to display proper player names and team colors while you are in battle.

And plenty of other smaller improvements.

See you next week!

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