State of the Game #33 : New Levels

Yay, new build this week!

As always, log in to your user page and grab version 0.3.5 to play the latest updates!

So here is what is new this week:

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So I have been spending a LOT of time with the level system. A crazy amount of time. Sadly, I came to a very sobering conclusion.

I could not generate a quality, playable level, using pure procedural systems in an acceptable amount of time.

I tried. I tried every way I knew how to go about solving the issue, but the levels will require too much complexity and too many rules for it to actually be a time saver of any kind.

And with that discovery, it was required I take a hybrid approach to how levels are handled. Levels will be handle sculpted and a lot more work will go into setting up each level, but there will be some smaller procedural elements that get layered on top.

This approach will make sure that the levels are 100% playable and tuned and balanced, but will also allow some flexibility for procedural sub components.

I still plan to handle fully procedural weather systems and a day night cycle, so each level will be played under quick a variety of conditions.

Another small change I made was tweaking the main 3rd person camera placement. The camera now sits closer to the M.A.V. unit and gives you a better sense of scale.


In the coming week I will be shifting my focus to the campaign mode of the game and will be laying down the structure needed for allowing persistent playing of the game. This will allow you to actually start playing an ongoing game and not just single battles.

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