State of the Game #34 : Leg Stats!

Hey, so first things first, go get version 0.3.6!

So this week I have been VERY busy, but sadly most of it has been back end systems. But, there is a very important change to the way the legs work in game.

I didn’t make a devlog this week because I have not been feeling well and my throat is all torn up because of it.

So, first order of business, I would like to introduce the Shock Absorption stat on the leg type parts.

Currently, the shock absorption stat provides a percentage reduction to recoil on all weapons. This means a shock absorption of 100 would mean ALL recoil is eliminated, while a value of 0 means no change to weapon recoil.

I have been debating on making this system a little more complex, but I wanted to get it out in the current state and play with it a bit more before expanding it.

Another big change for the leg parts is the addition of ‘realistically’ modeled gravity. This means when you are going up hill, you will slow down (eventually stop) and when going downhill you will gain a significant speed boost.

Now, for the not so fun but super important behind the scenes stuff.

The first change I made was integrating Perforce into my workflow (a file versioning system) which will allow me greater control with doing build bug fixes and making larger, longer term changes. It also allows me to go back and look ayt every change I have made, which helps me a ton in writing the state of the Game posts.

These big systems are all focused on the upcoming campaign mode :

Server instance manager : To help create instance servers for multiplayer campaign mode.

Network Socket Manager : Unity only allows 1 server connection so I needed to create a secondary connection to help with the tracking of all the players and data.

Resource Map : Basic functionality to support resource distribution within levels (Support for 4 resources per level right now).

Basic Resource Framework : Started the basic work for the resources system. Currently have 9  different resource types.

World Map : Got started on creating the art for the world map. I made this awesome time lapse video of me working on it, But, I accidently overwrote the file. I am not happy about this. Don’t worry though, the map is fine, just the creation video was lost.

Added the new stat to the editor UI :  Made sure the new leg stat is represented in the Editor UI when selecting parts.

So lots of background work this week. As always, thanks for playing and please report any bugs you find to themessage board!

Till next week!


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