State of the Game #35 : World Map

Welcome back for another exciting week of development!

This week I contiuned my progress on the campaign mode, which included creating the world map.

This map is active in the lastest build (which you can get here)

There is still a lot of backend work going on, but I do have a nice video of some of the features below.

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So this week saw a LOT of my time dedicated to the world map. Sadly, art tasks tend to take me a bit longer then code but I did add quite a few features to the map that are not quite visible.

As in the video, you can see the 2 ‘weather systems’ I have created. There is also a full Night and Day cycle built into the world map, but I didn’t show it off as I still need to work out some visual bugs with the way it interacts with the particles for the weather.

The big code task that I took on this week was to fully upgrade to Unity 4. However, since the engine is in beta, and there are some large changes between the versions, there might be some bugs that pop up from this. If you come across a new bug, I would love it if you could let me know in the forums!

Next week is full of MASSIVE code systems that will start to tie everything together. so, make sure and check back on my progress.

Thanks for reading, and remember that I am active on the forums if you wanted to make any suggestions to me.

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