State of the Game #36 : Player Data Saving

Hey everyone, sadly I have been sick most of the week. Because of this I have fallen a little behind for things I wanted to get done for this week, so I won’t have a new build available for today.

I do still have some good news on the things I was able to get done though.

So I started this week with a continued integration of Unity 4 and I very quickly ran into so very serious bugs. After exhausting the options available to me to resolve the bugs, I made the hard choice to revert back to Unity 3.5. I will keep my eye on Unity 4, but I will likely wait until it has left the Beta phase before I make another attempt at integration.

I have been heavily focused on the campaign game mode and have made good progress this week. Players now have a tracked inventory system, with all the inventory items being saved out between game sessions, meaning you make continuous progress.

Speaking of saving out, I also made a world system, with each world acting as a save game. Each world you create will be unique, as the AI will be different, your starting location maybe different, and random events with be different. Each world will track your progress, separately, allowing you to have multiple worlds in-development at any time.

With persistent progress and a working inventory, the next step was to create the Store in the garage so you can buy and sell the parts you have acquired. This is the area I have fallen a little behind in, but I have still made goo progress. The backend code is in place for buying and selling weapons, and handling the proper inventory interactions required, but the UI code is not quite hooked up to the new systems completely. I expect to have this done in the next day, at which point I will move on to actual game play elements of the campaign mode.

Until next week, have fun playing!

[Reminder: M.A.V. is currently in Alpha funding for $10. If you want to participate in the Alpha program and get access to the weekly builds, you can sign up for an account Here, and upon logging in you will be presented the option to purchase an Alpha membership.]

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