State of the Game #4

Another week gone by more cool stuff to talk about. So last week we had focused on getting our AI in game and working with our modular approach to, well, basically everything. This week was a polish pass on what we had implemented last week.

So picking up where we left off last week, the first thing we added was some nice steering behaviors to the AI movement system. This allows the AI to efficiently do path finding in an open world environment without having to do ridiculously long path searches. The basic behaviors right now are all collision avoidance (The targeting provides the movement to engage the enemy) and other passive systems. To maintain it’s modularity all the movement systems are abstracted away to work on the actual controller input system. I feel this could also lead to easier networking systems where we just have to pass around input data and correct every so often. Of course I may be completely wrong on that 🙂

So with the AI in decent shape we moved on to the animation systems. We got pretty tired of watching our static legs slide across the ground so we created some animations and started working on some IK solutions to ‘nail’ the feet down. I am pretty happy with how things are looking right now, but the IK has quite a few jittering bugs that need to be ironed out. We will also be adding in the basic state machine systems for weapon animations and other parts that will need to animate.

Hopefully things will be looking nice enough to show them off this weekend in a video.

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