State of the Game #58 : YeeeeeHaw!

Awwww Yeah! This week, let me introduce, the Wheeled Leg type.

You like speed? You like agility? Do you have a burning desire to go fast? I mean, really, really fast? Do you throw caution to the wind?
Then this is the leg type for you!
Go to your user page and grab the latest build to test them out. 

Built for those perfect hit and run attacks, the Scout legs bring a whole new dimension to the team play and tactics of Arena mode.

Trading durability and load capacity for speed, these legs (and variants) make a great chassis for anyone wanting to play as a scout class. Or maybe sneak around the enemy team and lay down an ambush of turrets!


There are a total of 8 wheel variants in this build, giving you a large variety to play with.

Here are some of the other changes:

+ Made AI much more aggressive with firing weapons
+ Updated AI spawning to use new legs
+ Updated AI to learn to drive a bit better

* Modified the HD cannon to have more ammo
* Modified the Shotgun -160 parts to have a reasonable spread

[Reminder: M.A.V. is currently in Alpha funding for $10. If you want to participate in the Alpha program and get access to the weekly builds, you can sign up for an account Here, and upon logging in you will be presented the option to purchase an Alpha membership.]

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