State of the Game #60: Rise of the Flamethrowers

I have some great news for today, but first, go grab the newest version of the game, 0.5.2, hot off the presses!

So this week has some exciting changes, but first, I would like to show off the first official piece of M.A.V. concept art!

This concept is for a medium Attacker type MAV, a role meant to be right at the front lines pushing forward.
The art is by a Eliott Lilly, a great guy I have worked with in the past.This concept really captures the art direction I want to take the MAV parts in. I will be working on updating the visuals to achieve this in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!




There are a total of 8 new flame throwers to help you win your battles. They make for a great hit and run weapon, but be wary of the extremely limited range. Targets that have been lit on fire, will continue to take damage, so light them up and get out.

And finally, the full change list:

* Modified the way AI spawns. This lead to a speed up and allows a greater number of parts without affecting the speed (going from a tech limited 300 parts to a tested 60,000 parts)

* Fixing collision issues on Wheels with Base cockpit
* Fixed Part name prefixes not being hyphenated correctly

+ Adding in flamethrowers
+ Adding in Flamethrower F/X
+ Adding in Flamethrower sounds
+ Added in damage over time damage type
+ Added in Area damage over time damage type

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