State of the Game #61 : New site and New Sounds

Welcome back for another week of M.A.V. awesomeness! Looking around, you might notice some changes!

This week I devoted some time to updating the website and integrating the account system in with the design of the site as well. I felt this needed to be done, as the old site was very slow, visually jarring, and having the account system not matching made it feel untrustworthy. I am hoping you like the new design!

As for M.A.V., version 0.5.3 is now out. I didn’t have the full week so it’s not a major update, but I did get a few key elements done.


I got a few sound related systems done. The first is an ‘engine manager’ for use on all non-legged types. This system handles the audio for all the engine sounds (idle, accelerating, breaking, load, ect.) and I have added it in game to the wheels and the tank treads. I don’t have all the sounds hooked up yet, but the base is there to test the system.

Also, for the legged type’s I created a footstep sound manager. This will handle all the sounds of walking around, leg movements, ect. While I got this done, I could not get the actual sounds done yet, so no footstep sounds in-game this build 🙁


I did also tackle some of the more glaring bugs. First on the list was all the camera switching bugs. In rare cases it was possible to get in to some unrecoverable camera states (like not having a main camera) that drastically affected the gameplay. I tackled these bugs by gutting out the old camera code and rewriting a much cleaner implementation. In my tests, it was bug free, so let’s see how it hold up for you!

Next up was the collision bugs in the Giant Leap level. There seemed to be several places in the map that had ‘holes’ in them, that allowed any MAV using tank treads to fall into the map. This was a bit harder to track down, but I feel I found the source and got it fixed. I would love to hear if you are still experiencing it. I also fixed up various collision issues (like going up the ramps in certain places).

That wraps it up for this week!

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