State of the Game #62: Death and Explosions

Welcome back for another week of M.A.V. updates! Go an grab build 0.5.4 from your user page now!

This week, I have been spliting my time between two big tasks, Hit and Death feedback and new models.
So for this week’s build I really wanted to improve the hit feedback when you are in the heat of the battle. So the first thing I added was making all the parts explode when they are destroyed. This provides much better feedback to both the attacker and the attackee. Plus it’s so satisfying when you see that explosion from your ‘across the map’ sniper shot 🙂

Next up was removing the disappearing act that happened when you killed another M.A.V. in battle. Now, you get a satisfying explosion as they come to a stop. You both get a second to understand what happened, they the blowup in a big way!

I set this up in way that allows it to be extended with other features as well. I want to add low health  warning sounds, auto show and hide health when a part takes damage, and maybe even an after death ‘kill cam’.


I also spent a lot of time working on some new models. I have modeled a new cockpit
(based on the concept art) and have move on to texturing it. It’s taking a bit longer then I want as I plan out the proper shader and workflow for ensuring customizable camo patterns and colors. I also have to consider performance impacts and compatibility with the procedural part system.

But, I am making great progress and can’t wait to show it off!

See you next week!

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