State of the Game #63: Bug squashing

Welcome back for another fun filled week of updates 🙂

First off, go grab the latest build, version 0.5.5, from your account page!

This week, was a little rough on me so I didn’t get as much time as I normally would. Because of this, I didn’t tackle anything big and focused on squashing out some the bugs that have been reported.

So, without further delay, the list of fixes:

* Fixed multiplayer Siege mode bug that prevented a Win from happening when an HQ was destroyed.

* Fixed bug that allowed Siege mode to run into negative times.

* Fixed static shadows in Giant Leap # 317 and improved AI pathing through narrow sections.

* Fixed cannon impacts not responding to volume settings.

* Fixed audio volume and pitch bugs with the tread and wheel legs types.

* Fixed AI errors when the currently selected target is destroyed by another source.

* Reduced Output_Log writing to improve server stability.

* Fixed the possibility of spawning on top of buildings in Arena Mode.

* Fixed the ‘Chicken legs’ bug that prevented a death from registering if the cockpit was attached to a part other then the legs.

* Removed log errors on player death.

* Fixed the random white flashes that could happen in the skybox.

+ Small improvement to speed up level load times (~10% faster loads).

+ Removed the part count limitation feature from the cockpits. The only limiter now is total MAV weight.

I have big plans for the coming weeks, so make sure to check back in!

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