State of the Game #78: Running behind

Well, I am running a bit behind this week. I wanted to have a new snapshot build out for today, which included all the new parts.

However,  I don’t have them all done yet. I have all the models done, but I don’t have all the new legs in the game yet. I also have yet to do the balancing and naming of all the new variations of parts that are going in.

Below is a more detailed status report.

All Weapons are Done!

The scope variations have been modeled, but need textures, and need to be imported into the game.

Cockpits are modeled and in-game!

They have all new models, plus textures, but there are a lot more variations. Right now the variations do not change anything, so they need to be balanced and tweaked.

Deployment Systems are Done!

Armor is modeled and in-game!

The new models and textures are done and in game, but there are a lot new variations which need a balance and naming pass.

Legs are modeled!

The leg types are all modeled, with variations, but need to be rigged, animated, textured, put into the game, and get a balance and naming pass.


Also, the new shader is in, but needs various tweaks to the lighting model and needs to support multiple UV scrolling (for the tank legs).


This may sound like a lot, but I actually hope to have it done by Friday!

Until next week!

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