State of the Game #79: Polishing the Models

Welcome to the state of the game! So last week, I said I was going to try and have all the models out in a snapshot build. Well, good news! All the models are done!





I am not putting out a build, because there is still some texture work, shadier work, and polishing that I want to do before it goes live. I would also like to have a better pass at balancing before it goes live.

So, what’s the deal with the models I have been talking about so much?

Well, here are some screen grabs, of how they look in the engine, right now. Please remember these are still not polished.


A fairly standard sniper build:


A ‘heavy’ scout :


An Assault Rifle:


A cannon weapon :

cannon weapon

It all needs a bit more polish and tweaking, but overall, it’s coming along nicely!


Until next time!

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