State of the Game #80: Snapshot Bugs and ‘The Future’

Wow, 80 weeks of State of the Game updates! Let’s take a moment and reflect on that.


So, what is new this week? In case you don’t have the snapshot builds enabled, I have redone all the models to the parts, while also adding in quite a few new parts.

Commence screen shots!


So, new models, new snapshots, what does the future hold?

Well, I have been hard at work looking through all the multiplayer experience.  I have already began work on creating a new lobby server. This will allow a much more fluid game experience, from going from the garage to the combat, and also make it much easier to find people to play with.

Another big undertaking will be optimizing the dedicated server instances. Right now, they can spiral up with the memory and CPU usage, making it difficult to properly host a large game. This optimization will allow many more servers to be ran, using the same resources. This means there will always be a multiplayer server available to play on.

After that, there will be some improvements to the core experience of progression. With player stats, ranks, profiles, voice chat, and matchmaking coming on.

Keep checking back for the new progress!

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