State of the Game #81: Living in the Past

Welcome to the State of the Game! Sadly, all I have today is old news to most of you, due to my impatience I released a stable build, version 0.5.10, last week!

But wait, what was in that build? Well, let’s go find out!

Well, if you remember correctly, this stable release was focused on the garage experience. Well, that experience has changed a lot!


This UI is MUCH more readable, it’s stream lined, fixes a large number of the old bugs, and in general it’s better looking as well! This was a complete rework, which also added some new features and allows the future expansion of the UI as new features come online.



You can now save out any number of your M.A.V. builds into your own personal library, and load them back up whenever you want! This makes multiplayer matches much faster, as you are spending your time fighting and not ‘tinkering’.


You may have noticed some new models for the parts in the UI screen shot. Well, every part got a new visual make over. This brings the models up to the quality level I want to achieve with the M.A.V.’s. I also added quite a bit more variation into the parts, effectively doubling the number of parts to build with and experiment with.

Enjoy the update, and I will see you next week!

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