State of the Game #83 : Multiplayer, Again

It’s that time again, time for another state of the game!

So, this week I want to talk multiplayer.  The current multiplayer can get a little buggy. So, the next update is focused on polishing the multiplayer modes as much as possible.

This means there will be some changes and some improvements.

I think the biggest change, will be the elimination of the garage from the multiplayer game. I found having the garage available at all times, not only vastly complicated the code and increased the number of bugs that could form, but also really interfered with the gameplay. There is nothing like joining a 4 player arena, only to find the other three players are all hanging out in the garage tweaking.
Now, I still want you to have the ability to alter your strategy if things are not working out, so instead of the garage, you will have access to a set number of slots, which you can save builds to. These slots will be available in game, so you can still bring a sniper, a support, and a scout all into the battle and change roles as needed.

Another big addition, is a pre and post game lobby. This will give you the ability to set up the teams, talk about strategy, and review the game stats, before and after each round. You will also be able to vote on the next map to play on.


There is quite a bit more coming soon, as this will be the largest update to the game so far. Check back next week for more updates!


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