State of the Game #89: Stable release 0.5.11

Yay! It’s the long awaited multiplayer bug fix update! There are a LOT of changes in this new version, so if you want a detailed list of what changed, check out the changelog post on the forums.

So, here is the short change log:

New lobby based Multiplayer

Voice Chat!

More feedback when building

Automated error logs

New Master Server

So, of course with another release out the door, it’s time to start looking at what is next!

So, I have already begun on the next update, which will focus on bringing more variety and meaning to different play styles.

The first part of the will be spacer parts. These are non-functional parts that allow the player to get a little bit more creative with how you put together your M.A.V..This is important for people to be able to fully explore all the systems and optimizations that you can achieve with the building process (And they are the number 1 requested feature from players).

Next up, an energy system. So right now, the only real limiting feature to constructing a M.A.V. is the weight limit. This is great for simplifying things, but it can lead to some unintended consequences. Like, taking the Heavy Tank legs, the Heavy Cockpit, and then putting 15 heavy shotguns on. It causes a lot of balance issues and performance issues. So, in comes energy. An energy requirement allows some additional balance tweaks and it brings in some great gameplay with it. Let me explain:

The primary energy generator will be the legs. This makes sense in a lot of different ways, but also ties the base energy balance to the ‘role type’ of the legs.

Generator parts provide additional energy. It might be possible to create a M.A.V. without a generator, but it will be difficult. Some builds might even require 2 generators.

Having ‘excess’ energy will give a speed boost, up to a certain amount (thinking +20% right now)
So, now that we have our energy requirements met, let’s look at how it will work in combat.

So you are out battling and some sniper shots your generator and it explodes, oh no! So what happens? Well, you are still getting power from you legs, so that is good, but, it’s not enough. So you movement speed is reduced. The amount it is reduced depends on how much energy you are producing vs. what your requirement is. This will be capped (likely at 50%) so you are never a sitting duck. But, it does bring some instructing gameplay to it, allowing weaker players (scouts and snipers) to have a target to assist in the destruction of other heavy targets.

I think these interesting player choices are important to get the excitement and variety in the combat. And, this is the important one, I think it will make being on the losing end more fun. Getting your generator destroyed drastically ups the stakes and intensity of a battle, and the thrill of being about to still pull of a win in that state is exciting.

Well, those are my thoughts for today! Check back next week for more info and enjoy playing the new release!


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