State of the Game #90: Generators, Contests, and Bugs

Welcome back to another wonderful week of updates, stories, and good times. So, even though this is completely out of order of the title, THERE IS A CONTEST RUNNING!


So, what is this contest you say? Well, on facebook, I hit a little mini milestone, of 200 fans. On the lead up to this mini milestone, I made a promise to have a bit of a celebration when it was cross, and so, the Great M.A.V. Giveaway was born! So you want in on the contest? Easy! Follow this link, which will take you to the facebook contest (the weird link is to make sure it works for anyone that is on a cell phone or tablet also). All you need is a facebook account and a registered MAV account. You DO NOT have to own the game already, just have to have registered your username.

Now, on to making the game:


I have made some generator models, and have begun working on the code side. The basic implementation is in, but I still have quite a bit of testing to do. This includes modifying the current cockpits so there are some more logical places to attach the generators to, getting the scale of the generators down so they feel right with the other parts, and adding additional feedback to the building process.

Also, with the addition of generators, I will be adding in a heat system. Parts will all generate thermal heat that will radiate out to other parts. If a part gets too hot, it will start to take damage and eventually explode! You will also have parts available to combat the heat, but be careful to not let them get blown up! This thermal heat system will also be affected by the environment you are in, and combat. Like for say, someone comes up and lights you on fire with a flame thrower. You now are going to have a bit of a heat issue on your hands!

There are really a LOT of different ways these systems can interact, which makes me very excited to get them in and working. It will bring another level of tactical game play in, allowing you to hone your skills on being able to quickly identify and enemies weakness and try to exploit it. I also believe these ‘progressive damage states’ are a core part of the mech genre experience. You can get torn up in a fight, evaluate, attack, and come out the victor against incredible odds. A lot of modern games really only rely on who saw who first.


I have also been tackling some annoying bugs that slipped into last week’s stable build. So, expect a new stable build soon, with no snapshots (or generators yet 🙁 ) and the snapshots will continue from there. Sorry, but sometimes even the best testing doesn’t catch everything. Which reminds me, if you do see a bug, PLEASE report it to the message board. If you haven’t signed up for the forum, go do it now! You do not get automatically registered to the message board, so the sooner you grab your screen name, the better!


That is all for this week! See you again next week, when I announce the winners of the Great M.A.V. Giveaway!



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