State of the Game #96: New Stable Release and Video

Welcome back for another amazing week of M.A.V. development!

This week, there is a new stable build, Version 0.5.13!

Check out this video for the highlights!

Awesome video, right?

So here is a more boring list of the updates:

  • New Part Type : Generators
  • New Part Type : Spacers
  • Energy system as a build requirement
  • New part health indicators
  • New Weapon group indicators
  • New Ammo counter indicators
  • New per part damage states
  • New final speed indicator in the Garage
  • New weapon camera damage states
  • New AI build system, for faster AI M.A.V. generation
  • New leg damage states. Speed is reduced when legs are heavily damaged.
  • Made is much easier to place legs in the garage
  • Added User created Custom part name, S.A. Burnetto
  • Made energy use stats visible in the Garage UI
  • Added new Muzzle Flash F/X to all weapons
  • Added projectile meshes to all bullets
  • Made bullet tracers more visible
  • Fixed issue when trying to assign the ‘A’ button on the Xbox 360 controller (or the return key on the keyboard)
  • Made repair stations more reliable with what parts they repair
  • Fixed issue with some parts not showing the correct name in gameplay


So, as you can see there are a LOT of changes. As always, you can just run the game to auto update, or you can go to your user page and download the latest installer.

Have fun!


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