State of the Game #97: New Level Beginnings

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another State of the Game!

So, in case you missed it last week, I released a new stable version of the game.

Well this week I have continued to work on the polishing, having released 2 new snapshot builds.

The first snapshot build this week added a long overdue fix to the way that the destruction of your M.A.V. is handled. Before, when you died, the screen kind of frozen up and you just sat there wondering what happened, then 7 seconds later you would respawn. This was very confusing and just in general terrible.

Now, there is a new ‘death camera’ system. When you die, your screen goes desaturates so everything is shades of grey, and you get a nice big bar on the screen saying your MAV was disabled.

In the second snapshot, I sought to address some major issues with the multiplayer system that prevented people from being able to connect to other players.


Looking forward into the oncoming week, I will continue to fix bugs and issues that come up, but my primary focus will be on a new, high quality level.

The new level will have a jungle theme, and I really want to push myself in what I can do, both from a graphics stand point, and a level design stand point.

This will also be a big test for me to make a level that is beautiful and has good performance.

Of course, the game needs some more green to it as well. I mean something has to be in all those green areas on the map!


I also wanted to announce that December is the last month to get the Alpha membership for just $10. At the start of the new year, the price will be going up to reflect all the new features that have been added.

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