State of the Game #98: Beginnings of a New Level

If you have been following me on Facebook or Twitter, then you know I have started a new, high quality level. The location I selected for the level was a jungle, something that I felt provided a very different experience from the other levels in the game and also forces me to push my content creation and optimization skills even farther. My thinking is, if I can do a jungle, then doing a forest should be a walk in the park!

So, a progress update on the jungle level, currently named ‘New Amazon’ (I am so creative, haha):


As you can see, this level is quite the departure from the wide open spaces of the deserts currently in the game. This level provides ample coverage for hit and run tactics as well as close combat. Snipers and support gunners might find their role a little harder to play on this map.

When I was first laying this map out and trying to stay true to the theme, I was having a very difficult time finding a way to make the map ‘Ideal’ for the sniper and support gunner role, while also staying true to the theme of the maps location. After spending a considerable amount of time on it, I worked out that not every map is required to be ideal for every role and in fact it’s better if they are not. Having different roles have advantages on certain maps allows to player to experiment with their play styles. You can surely still play the sniper role on this map, but it will be more difficult. Maybe a sniper / soldier combo build would be better, so you go and experiment with a new build. This experimentation is really a core part of the experience of M.A.V., so I feel having levels that help that along just feels right.

Anyway, enough talk, more pictures!


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