2 Build Released

This is a minor patch.

Knock back effects on cockpits has been reduced by a factor of 100, across the board.

Yes, a factor of 100.

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      It means that something that used to do 100 ‘cockpit shake force’ will now do 1. All other reduction stats will then affect this smaller number.

      The cockpit shake force on weapons had a range of 1 to 1500. As a reference, HD shotguns would do ~70 impact force, for each pellet that hit.

      In testing, I found a value of 15 to be a large amount of cockpit shake, with values going over that having issues actually showing any effect because of how strong they were.

      Now, most weapons will not cause impact shake at all, while high powered weapons, like concussion rockets and snipers, will cause a significant amount still.

      It’s very likely this will be revisited in a larger balance update, but the issue was wide spread enough that it required intervention before that large update could come.

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