State of the Game #123: Mobitech Industries

This week, I have some more concept art for the next manufacturer in the game. 
Introducing, MobiTech Industries!


With all the development on Europa and the number of settlers arriving, it was not long until the local governments setup a proper police force. As the number of Modular Mining Vehicles (MMV) increased and tensions rose with the miners, it was only a matter of time before a MMV was used in a crime. The first crime to use a MMV was a simple act of lovers revenge. A miner destroyed the living quarters of another miners, over an affair with his wife. It was only when the police force showed up to stop him that he truly realized how unstoppable he was inside his MMV. Eventually, other MMV’s were deployed and were able to disable his vehicle, but only after he demolished 62 buildings, injuring 138 people, and killing 16. It was apparent a new type of police vehicle was needed to control the growing population of Europa. Enter MobiTech. MobiTech was a Japanese based company that was hard at work maximizing the potential of the Modular platform. They focused on getting the perfect balance of speed and durability out of their parts, even if that meant using much more advanced and expensive manufacturing techniques. They were able to win the police ‘cruiser’ bid and produced the very first weaponized MMV, now renamed to a Modular Assault Vehicle, or M.A.V. for short.
The MobiTech design was a quad leg based chassis, something that had not been done before, which granted it enough speed and mobility to chase down most of the MMVs in service at the time. It’s primary stopping power came from a massive, 6 barreled, 20mm Gatling cannon. It also housed many unguided rockets for debris removal and ‘area denial’ service, and quad barreled shotguns for additional stopping power and crowd control.

In other news, I have been hard at work tracking down a Siege Mode bug which prevented the HQ’s from being spawned after the first round. After an extremely tough bug hunt, I was able to find the issue (and several others) and get it fixed up. With that, snapshot build 0.5.20_3 will go live tonight!

There are still several known issues with the snapshot builds, but I will be tackling as many as I can this coming week. I was a bit slower working this past week, as I had company staying with me and I was all consumed in the HQ spawning bug hunt.

Also, don’t forget to check out the message board or steam page for upcoming multiplayer games! I hope to see you online this Friday!

That is all for this week, come back next week for more!

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