State of the Game #223: Wow, what a Beta!

What an exciting week!

In case you missed the news, MAV entered into Beta on Monday! Also known as the ‘Great 0.6.0 release’.

This release has been in the works for quite some time and introduces many of the main systems that were missing from the Alpha versions of the game. This includes big systems like better lag compensation, a full rewrite of the audio system, final quality models and textures for the MAV parts, a full VFX pass, part unlocking, a leveling and stats system, and LOADS of bug fixes.

Now of course, not everything is perfect, even with the extensive month long testing some items slipped through, so work on the first patch to address the largest issues is already underway.

If you are experiencing any issues, please post them to the forums so I can get them resolved as soon as possible!

So what now? Well, I am telling everyone I can about the Beta and I see a lot of the community doing the same! Thank you! The next set of updates will come faster and be more incremental. During the 0.6.X cycle I will be focusing on performance and multiplayer with ~80% of my time. There will still be content drops sprinkled in and a few new smaller systems [like vision modes] and MAYBE a new map or two. From there, the next likely large update will be story mode. This will bring a fully single player experience to the game as well as provide a fun new co-op game mode for multiplayer. No plans on the time line yet. Let’s go with “Soon™” 🙂

Don’t forget to check out my Cinco de Mayo stream tomorrow night at 6pm PST!


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  1. I’m pretty sure Blizzard already trademarked “Soon™”, man. How about, “In a bit.™”

  2. Okay, finally played the new version.

    Holy Cow! I mean, DANG! That’s exciting!

    I still think the sounds need some more work- I might put together some meatier leg noises and stomps for you, and things like the gunshots ought to have about half a second or so more echo on the end (especially when they’re far away), but the explosions and bangs make SUCH a difference! It was so incredibly satisfying to blast an annoying scout into a million little bits, and even little things like the fix to the color in the garage are fantastic. And I was getting solid double-digit framrate the whole time, too!

    I’ll have to dump the rest of my Oneshots and start up making them for the new update, because DaNg.

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