State of the Game #231: The goodies pile up

So, another week of great UI work for me! I have finished up the single player menu and the multiplayer server browser and have moved on to the pregame lobby.

The pregame lobby is getting a bit more than just a visual uplift though, as it needs some new functionality to better fit MAV as a game right now and the planned features of MAV in the future.

But, I have not been the only one working towards making MAV awesome!

You MAY have noticed some teaser images, not so carefully hidden. MAV is getting it’s first level created by someone other than myself! This will be a great test of some of the new production processes I have in place and more deep collaboration between myself and outside artists.

That’s not all that has been being worked on either. There are a significant number of new parts that have been completed! While I will hold on to most of these parts until we get closer to the update release, I can give you a small teaser. There will be a new leg type introduced in the next update! Which one are you hoping for?

Also, the MAV writer has been hard at work. You have seen the ‘Brasswolf’ but there are 5 more unreleased stories so far and more to come! These stories will start to be published at regular intervals (waiting on corresponding accompanying art) soon.

And just think, this is just the stuff I am willing to tell you about right now 😉

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  1. We going to see some work on the UI for the actual server? And how about some tying up of loose ends to finish the shell ejection for the rest of the weapons! We want a big Christmas here! Might was well be fashionably late!

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  2. Map preview in the pre game lobby after the teams are locked down, voice chat in pre game lobbies, team camo option, strategically placed way points on the map, base / spawn control for initial spawn, dlc garage swag, etc. Plox.

    Also we don’t need th e garage this month, give yourself until July for it, I want the other menu stuff naou.

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