State of the Game #247: Hotfixing Howies

Hey, there is a new hot fix out! You should totally be playing it! Already have? I guess we can go on with the State of the Game then 🙂

It has been a very exciting week! With the release of the October content update, I have been having a blast playing matches with everyone with the new parts.

The forums are FILLED with amazing new builds:

  • screenshot_338
  • screenshot_148
  • screenshot_318
  • screenshot_883
  • screenshot_270
  • screenshot_311

There has also been a very interesting trend in the MAV community. The ‘Running of the Scouts’ Siege challenge!

It started with Serges video here:

And quickly grew from there!

And the best attempt:

For actual work, I am nose to the grindstone on the next content update, which should be available in November! So far I am only working on secret stuff, but I should be able to talk a bit more about some of the bigger development tasks soon!

See you next week!

[Anyone know when Easter is this year?]

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