State of the Game #41: Alpha 0.3.10 Released!

This week’s update is release version 0.3.10!

As always, head over to your User page to grab the latest build and check it out!

So, what has changed with the game? Quite a bit, but most notable this week is the re-inclusion of the Siege multiplayer game mode!

Here is a full overview of the updates :

Game modes 
All three game modes are now fully ported over to the new level system. This means every level is playable in both the current levels. The siege mode is also the first game mode to use the level system in a multiplayer setting and it has laid quite an extensive ground work for quickly moving the other modes into multiplayer as well.

Multiplayer is Back!

Siege mode multiplayer is back in action and should have 100% of the old functionality as well. As a bonus, both maps are playable in Siege mode (they alternate after rounds).

Weekly Updates are Back!

Over the past month I have essentially re-written the entire under workings of the game, and while this was an unfortunate set back to the weekly updates, I now am back into the position to provide updated builds on a weekly basis.

Into the future; for next week I will be focused heavily on bug fixing (Please report bugs on the forum!) and polishing the features in the game. I will do a little part balancing and likely polish some of the weapons as well.

I look forward to seeing you every week! Don’t forget to make your voice heard, either in the comments or at the message board!

[Reminder: M.A.V. is currently in Alpha funding for $10. If you want to participate in the Alpha program and get access to the weekly builds, you can sign up for an account Here, and upon logging in you will be presented the option to purchase an Alpha membership.]

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