At that moment, the memory that hit her more strongly was one of emerald fields, azure skies and a warm breeze. Her parents had been farmers, growing corn in the wide plains of Colorado, their hearts and minds turn earthward while their daughters dreamt of the starry depths of space.   As they grew, though, reality settled in. The …


State of the Game #279: UI Preview


After continuing to work on the UI, I figured it’s time for a bit of a preview! This should give you a good overview of the style that will be present in the final version. Functionality wise, it’s greatly improved from the current version. Less clicks to do the same actions, all while better communicating the functionality to the players. …


State of the Game #278 : Cresting the hill


Another week of UI work down! This week I have been hard at work on the new flow of the single player game options screen. A LOT of what this new UI/UX experience is focused on is making things very easy to understand and for controls to operate in an intuitive manner. There is of course an ascetic upgrade happening …

State of the Game #277: MAV Tournament!


I have been continuing to work on the new UI layout, design, and flow this week. But who cares about that right now? You need to go sign up for the very first MAV tournament, hosted by Raksal! The format is a 2 v 2 siege match, but single entries are allowed. If you are looking to find a partner …


State of the Game #276: The last 90%


Well, it’s into the details we go! This week, I have been hitting a LOT of the 90-90 rule. This is the simple principal of the first 90% of the project taking 90% of your allocated time, then the last 10% taking the next 90% of your time 😉 And of course, what better way to run into this rule …


State of the Game #275: Experimenting


Running a one man development team can be very freeing, but the one problem that I am always trying to tackle is how to do things better and faster. I need to be able to create content and features at the same pace and quality of as a team of 50! Recently, I have been running some experiments with content …


State of the Game #274 : Skar she blows!


It’s Update time, and this one is going to be BIG! And by big, I am referring to the new heavy cockpit, the Skar! Look at the size of that beast! This cockpit, available at level 1, is the biggest, most durable cockpit in the game. With a starting durability of 2248 and variants going up to 3628, this cockpit …


State of the Game #273: Full Throttle Ahead!

State of the game #199

Wow, these weeks just keep coming faster and faster! I suppose that’s a good thing, but it gets hard to keep up all the time! Hey, did you know M.A.V. had a Kickstarter? It totally did! Well, it’s time to start cashing in some of those long awaited backer rewards! I have sent messages to all backers that are eligible to …


State of the Game #272: Digging Deeper than a Europa Miner


Hey everyone, sorry for the later State of the Game post, I have been in my own personal jail of debugging! 🙁 But really, it’s a good thing! The great thing about digging deeply into a set of code is that you can fix things you might have overlooked before, as well as all the monitoring that I have added …


State of the Game #271: Safe and Secure


Welcome to this weeks State of the Game! You may notice a little icon in your browser url bar this week. That’s right, Bombdog Studios has gone fully SSL! Previously, our login and checkout process were encrypted, but it was brought to our attention that people wanted to see a little more security while they browsed the site as well. …