3 Released!


*Fixed the mouse being visible in the middle of the screen. Again. [please don’t let this become a meme] *Fixed a performance issue that would cause a massive drop in frame rate do to AI trying to place a deployable and getting caught in a loop. *Added ‘Time to Kill’ metric to automated logs to help guide balance changes.   …

1 Hotfix released!


Very simple hotfix to address the issue of the mouse being stuck in the middle of the screen


State of the Game #256: AI design in MAV

State of the game #199

Hey everyone! I thought I would try something a little more interesting this week and dive a bit deeper into how the AI systems in MAV work. Before I start talking about how I ‘solved’ Ai in MAV, lets talk about what the actual requirements for the AI are. There are 390 parts in MAV and with the most conservative … Hotfix Released!


It’s a midnight release party! Minor changes: *Made fixes for Railgun shots not colliding. *Reduced impact force for Screamer rockets *Extended Spike weapon fixes to both the VLAD and VLAD-160. They were currently only on the VLAD-HD *Fixed bug that would ask you to update to the same version game you already had *Added some logging metrics to help debug …


Results of the December part contest


  Everyone that entered, won! But, it’s more than just that. You see, there are actually 6 different rocket parts and some are more common than others. Every winner was assigned a randomly generated key. You might have a common type of rocket, or an ultra rare one! In addition to this, you won a key for EVERY ENTRY you …


State of the Game #255: The December Update!


The December content update is here! And with it, it brings, a bag of goodies and cheer; For which you can enjoy all through the year! All rhyming aside, lets see what’s in this update!   This experimental part by Northernlight manufacturing is the pinnacle of wanting to reach out and touch someone with holiday cheer! With a range of 2000 …


State of the Game #254: Celebration Time!


December is upon us and I can not think of a better time for a celebration! And what better way to celebrate than an exclusive part giveaway in MAV!   But what are we celebrating in MAV? There are quite a few major milestones that are happening this time of year! While the state of the game posts didn’t start …


State of the Game #253: Multiplayer bug bashing


Bugs are no fun. They are the opposite of fun. They literally take fun, bite into it, and infect it with rage. So, in the great words of ‘Starship Troopers’, Kill them All! I have been making it my personal mission to track down and eradicate every single multiplayer related bug I can find. I have been pulling logs from …


State of the Game #252: Turkey Week!

State of the game #199

Welcome to the Thanksgiving 2016 State of the Game! This week, I have been properly seasoning my turkey and preparing myself to eat a large amount of food. Oh, and I have been doing a bit of work on MAV as well! In fact, this week has seen the release of the November Content update, along with 4 [please no …

Hotfix Released

A new hotfix build has been released! Changes: * Fixed client bug that made turrets shot projectiles directly into the ground. This was only happening in multiplayer and was a visual bug only. * Fixed VLAD’s not having a crosshair which caused them to either use the last weapon groups crosshair or a temp ‘X’ crosshair. * Fixed weapon bugs …