Hotfix Released

A new hotfix build has been released! Changes: * Fixed client bug that made turrets shot projectiles directly into the ground. This was only happening in multiplayer and was a visual bug only. * Fixed VLAD’s not having a crosshair which caused them to either use the last weapon groups crosshair or a temp ‘X’ crosshair. * Fixed weapon bugs …


State of the Game #251: The November Update!


The November Update has arrived! You can receive the update automatically by launching the game and clicking yes to the update or by going to your account page and downloading the latest installer! So what is included in this update?   For starters, lets talk about all the new parts! In total there are 14 new parts in the November …


State of the Game #250: Hammer Time!


Let’s get right down to business and announce what everyone here is really wanting to see! The Hammerhead contest winners! FenixT93 [Hand picked winner, for designing the part!] Strahicar Gomasaba SergeDavid SamuraiZebra Congratulations to all the winners and thank you so much to everyone that took the time to enter the contest. I will be using your entry answers to …


State of the Game #249: Let’s talk about Howie’s, baby!


As promised, I wanted to take a WHOLE state of the game post to describe why howie [and rockets] changed, why they went bad, and why they are better and will continue to improve. To start it all off, this is all LegacyElite84’s fault 🙂 [Evidence] But, a point was made. If you are going to be making long range, …


State of the Game #248: Slow but Steady


This week my progress has been slightly slower than normal. However, I have been able to address lots of things! One of the big issues I fixed was the AI, their aiming system, and how they were dirty little cheaters without me even knowing it! First, the cheating. In doing some play tests, I noticed the AI didn’t seem to …


State of the Game #247: Hotfixing Howies


Hey, there is a new hot fix out! You should totally be playing it! Already have? I guess we can go on with the State of the Game then 🙂 It has been a very exciting week! With the release of the October content update, I have been having a blast playing matches with everyone with the new parts. The …


Hotfix Released!


Hotfix has been released. This hotfix contains minor fixes to the most recent patch. + Modified high angle ballistics to address the multiple edge cases that would cause unpredictable flight paths. + Fixed math errors that would cause some howitzer round to generate 1000’s of errors, introducing lag. + Allowed AI build to use heavy weapons 🙂 + Made …


State of the Game #246: The October content update is here!


I promised monthly updates, so here I am to deliver! Let me start by introducing you to ‘Ivan’. With the introduction of Bertha it was imperative that the rebels come up with a counter. Created from some destroyed Bertha’s and a hollowed out cabin of an outdated MAV cockpit model, they were able to create ‘Ivan’. With performance stats similar …


Announcing the Bertha part winners!


Thank you so much to everyone that entered the contest! I will be taking the time to read all your feature requests over the next few days, they will not fall on empty ears. Do to the overwhelming number of entries, I couldn’t bear to pick a single winner, so we have 5 winners! Please congratulate these winners when you …