MAV Oneshots Episode 47

Anvildude takes us through the ‘Hobowalker’ build! Build here:


State of the Game #235: Help is on the way


  This week I have been finishing up the conversion over to a more global UI system for the most frequently needed menus. This means the ‘ESC’ key will no longer auto quit what you are doing! Instead, a nice menu will pop up giving you a few options. Most exciting of those options is the actual options menu it’s …


State of the Game #234: Community Updates


Hey everyone! It’s been a fun week this week! So a few weeks ago I mentioned the phrase “Community comes first“, and I meant it. It’s time to start delivering on that promise! I have started hosting ‘Weekly Discussion‘ threads to help get the community active and participating in helping shape the future of the game. The social links in …


State of the Game #233: Back to Work!


So, after a week long ‘break’  I am back at the development. I have been targeting some of the biggest issues the community has brought up and first up was the in game leaderboard. Currently there is no way to check your score mid-match without dying. That seems a bit silly, so I fixed it. While I was at that, …


State of the Game #232: Death Becomes Us


I am sorry I have not been more visible this week. We had a death in the family and it has taken most of my time up. Short state of the game this week. Go give your loved ones a hug.


State of the Game #231: Moving along now


Another week down! Time sure does fly! If you haven’t noticed, MAV is on sale! This is the single biggest discount ever offered on MAV and likely won’t happen again for quite some time. So snap it up while you can! But, Cyber, didn’t you say MAV would never go on sale? Yes, I did say that. And I feel …

State of the Game #230: Continued Snapshot work


This week I worked on a new snapshot build that I was able to release on Monday! Version 0.6.5_1 contains these changes: -Fixed ghost players on siege mode -Implemented max player limit for servers. Default is 16. Controlled by adding the line MaxPlayers=16 to the ServerConfig.ini under the ServerSettings header. AI do not count against this limit. -Max team count for …


State of the Game #229: Crazy times


I am late. It finally happened. After 228 weeks, or 52 months, or over 4 years, or exactly 1,596 days, I missed a Wednesdays update. We all knew this day would come. Let us take a moment of silence for the lost streak. And done.   So this week has been a bit crazy week. I push a snapshot build …

0.6.4 Released


New stable build is out! Issues fixed: -Achievements now unlock -Updated locked achievement icons -Rank is shown in multiplayer -Medals tab from the profile view has been removed -Alpha-2 silver camo is usable by steam users again -New camo pattern added -Massive performance optimizations for Gaint Leap and Grassy creek levels -Fixed the ‘top half of MAV’s are left around’ …