State of the Game #247: Hotfixing Howies


Hey, there is a new hot fix out! You should totally be playing it! Already have? I guess we can go on with the State of the Game then 🙂 It has been a very exciting week! With the release of the October content update, I have been having a blast playing matches with everyone with the new parts. The …


Hotfix Released!


Hotfix has been released. This hotfix contains minor fixes to the most recent patch. + Modified high angle ballistics to address the multiple edge cases that would cause unpredictable flight paths. + Fixed math errors that would cause some howitzer round to generate 1000’s of errors, introducing lag. + Allowed AI build to use heavy weapons 🙂 + Made …


State of the Game #246: The October content update is here!


I promised monthly updates, so here I am to deliver! Let me start by introducing you to ‘Ivan’. With the introduction of Bertha it was imperative that the rebels come up with a counter. Created from some destroyed Bertha’s and a hollowed out cabin of an outdated MAV cockpit model, they were able to create ‘Ivan’. With performance stats similar …


Announcing the Bertha part winners!


Thank you so much to everyone that entered the contest! I will be taking the time to read all your feature requests over the next few days, they will not fall on empty ears. Do to the overwhelming number of entries, I couldn’t bear to pick a single winner, so we have 5 winners! Please congratulate these winners when you …


State of the Game #245: Environmental Hazard


Wow, what a crazy week it has been! Talk about having a great community! If you haven’t checked out the videos in the October part contest thread, you need to now! I will be doing my best to highlight theses in the next few days! If you haven’t entered into the October contest, now is your last chance! You know …


State of the Game #244: A Mystery has Appeared!


It has been a very busy week! I put out a new hotfix build that had some minor fixes in them and had an amazing stream on Saturday on Twitch. Since then I have been working on the next big update which will be coming to you very soon! To celebrate this coming update, I will be giving away an EXCLUSIVE …

Hotfix has Been Released!


Patch notes for This is a hotfix release: Fixed misalignment on the attachpoint of the X1250 Generator [Thanks Shardner!] Fixed issue with bad AI builds when using the FCS Pitbull line of Cockpits [multiple reports] Fixed issue with Self Destruct Audio cue being left on when leaving a match [Thanks Shardner!] Fixed small parts attached directly to wheel chassis’s …


State of the Game #243: Fighting fires


Another week, another release! To recap last week, a new build was put out on Wednesday. I immediately addressed some of the bugs that were reported in a hotfix build that was then released on Friday. Since Friday I have been gathering some more data to do one more hotfix build [using the handy dandy hotfix patching system!] after which …

New Build 0.6.8 Released


New build as a hotfix. Version is 0.6.8 Change log: -Changed version system to incorporate a hotfix version. New versions will look like this -> Release.Major.Patch.Hotfix_Snapshot -Quickstart guide button in main menu has hover effect now [Thanks Axleno7!] -Overwriting MAV’s would not work / no menu present has been fixed [Thanks Axleno7!] -Added ability to delete MAV’s in the …


State of the Game #242: These are the menus you are looking for


The long fabled 0.6.7 update is finally here! I did miss my internal deadline by 2 weeks, but in my defense, I moved across the country! So, time to get to the juicy part, the change log. You can now bring up the leaderboard mid match by pressing ‘Tab’ [default keybinding]. The leaderboard now auto sorts based on winning team …