State of the Game #183: The Details of Death


Welcome back to the State of the Game! This week I have been focused back on the actual game, as most of the website shenanigans are behind us. There is still an outstanding issue with the attachments on the forums, but other than that, things are holding up well. Late last week I finished off the last remaining login issues …


State of the Game #182: How I DDoSed Myself


In-case you are wondering about the title, DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, and is a popular attack that happens online to bring services offline for users. It has been used to bring down Xbox live, Minecraft was hit with several of them, and many many websites. I manged to be extra special and pull this attack off on …

New Stable build 0.5.23


Build 0.5.23 is live. It includes all the changes from the last snapshot, as well as hot patches that were created for the connectivity issues. The build has been delivered to standalone users and Steam users. The installer was also updated.


State of the Game #181: The Website has arrived!


  Welcome to the new hottness! What does that mean? It means the forums are integrated, the blog has comments, the site is faster, emails will actually work, there is a proper store, AND I can finally go back to working on the actual game! [there is even a spell checker for these posts! 😉 ] Since this is a brand …

State of the Game #180: Website Polish


Welcome back! This week is full of frustrations, as I am super close to launching the new site, but small items keep popping up The current moderators from the forums have been pouring over it and delivering bug reports and usability issues to me. I have been tackling these as fast as I can and porting over everything. I have …

State of the Game #179: Migration has Begun


Welcome to this weeks state of the game! I have continued to work on the website and for the first time ported all the current forum posts! The process went surprisingly well, and I was able to pull the user accounts over as well [though you will have to reset your password]. This gave me a great set of test …

State of the Game #178: Checkout Complete


Welcome to another State of the Game! This week I finished up all the cart, checkout, giftcode, and user account systems on the website! It’s a BIG step and now I am ready to start the migration process over from the old site. I will be moving all the content over [with some help from my amazing wife!] and hooking …

State of the Game #177: Web Development Madness


Another week of ranting about the website? Not quite, though I do reserve the right to rant still! For the most part I have finished the backend of the site and have moved on to polishing the style and design of the user facing pages. I have also been focusing a LOT on the user experince, trying to make sure …

State of the Game #176 : Ramblings


Welcome to another state of the game! This week, I want to dedicate this post to random ramblings, mainly because this is what happens when you take a game developer and tell them to make a website, and the other part is because I haven’t ‘loosened up’ in a post in a while. So, for the first part, I really …

State of the Game #175: Retrospective


I have been fighting the allergies from hell [literally, my nose is bleeding from the swelling] so I will keep this short and sweet. M.A.V. will be entering the polish phase soon and there is a forum post about what this means. Read it here.