Hotfix has Been Released!


Patch notes for This is a hotfix release: Fixed misalignment on the attachpoint of the X1250 Generator [Thanks Shardner!] Fixed issue with bad AI builds when using the FCS Pitbull line of Cockpits [multiple reports] Fixed issue with Self Destruct Audio cue being left on when leaving a match [Thanks Shardner!] Fixed small parts attached directly to wheel chassis’s …


State of the Game #243: Fighting fires


Another week, another release! To recap last week, a new build was put out on Wednesday. I immediately addressed some of the bugs that were reported in a hotfix build that was then released on Friday. Since Friday I have been gathering some more data to do one more hotfix build [using the handy dandy hotfix patching system!] after which …

New Build 0.6.8 Released


New build as a hotfix. Version is 0.6.8 Change log: -Changed version system to incorporate a hotfix version. New versions will look like this -> Release.Major.Patch.Hotfix_Snapshot -Quickstart guide button in main menu has hover effect now [Thanks Axleno7!] -Overwriting MAV’s would not work / no menu present has been fixed [Thanks Axleno7!] -Added ability to delete MAV’s in the …


State of the Game #242: These are the menus you are looking for


The long fabled 0.6.7 update is finally here! I did miss my internal deadline by 2 weeks, but in my defense, I moved across the country! So, time to get to the juicy part, the change log. You can now bring up the leaderboard mid match by pressing ‘Tab’ [default keybinding]. The leaderboard now auto sorts based on winning team …


State of the Game #241: A Helping hand


It’s been another very productive week as I march towards 0.6.7! I have whittled down the task list to only 3 outstanding issues [pending testing]! Outstanding issues: 1. Fixes for Master Server stability issues 2. Last support for Steam users- In game UI to manage the account migration 3. Full quick start guide help menu The sad part is 2 …


State of the Game #240: In game menus


Progress is being made! This seems so simple, but having a nice [toggle-able] in-game leader board is already super helpful. See it in action below: The old leader board is now gone for good, with this version, which is more consistent with the end game stats board, as it’s replacement. It’s auto sorting and updates all the stats each time …


Important Announcement: Steam Support Ending

After more than 2 years on the steam store I have made the hard choice to stop supporting Steam as a platform. I will go into the why further down, but wanted to first address how this will affect you as a steam user. First, MAV will no longer be available to purchase on Steam starting September 1st. If you …