State of the Game #239: All settled in!


Wow, what a hectic week! I moved 2,300 miles, driving all over my worldly possessions in a giant truck 1/10th of the way around the world! It was quite the epic road trip! I drove through 7 states, took ~5 days, had to pull over due to an overheating truck twice, and only nearly died once! Most importantly, all my …

State of the Game #238: On the Road!

State of the game #199

Sorry to make this such a short state of the game, but I have been traveling on the road nearly all week. I will have a much better story to tell next week!   In the mean time, please contribute to the Weekly Discussion threads!


State of the Game #237: Making life better


This week I have been bouncing around a bit tackling a lot of the feedback I have been seeing on the forums and around the ‘internets’. First up on the hit list, camo patterns. There were quite a few complaints about camo patterns being too hard to see in combat since the updated models and textures. I took some steps …

Last week in MAV #236

Serge starts a new series covering the weekly discussion threads. Make sure to subscribe here!


State of the Game #236: Call to arms!


Hey everyone! This will be a some what short State of the Game as I need to ask you a favor! Please go to the Alienware Arena to vote in the Indie Developer Contest! If MAV wins the contest, Alienware will provide a computer that I will then giveaway to the community! They will also help promote MAV in a variety …

MAV Oneshots Episode 47

Anvildude takes us through the ‘Hobowalker’ build! Build here: http://bombdogstudios.com/forums/topic/hobo-walker/


State of the Game #235: Help is on the way


  This week I have been finishing up the conversion over to a more global UI system for the most frequently needed menus. This means the ‘ESC’ key will no longer auto quit what you are doing! Instead, a nice menu will pop up giving you a few options. Most exciting of those options is the actual options menu it’s …


State of the Game #234: Community Updates


Hey everyone! It’s been a fun week this week! So a few weeks ago I mentioned the phrase “Community comes first“, and I meant it. It’s time to start delivering on that promise! I have started hosting ‘Weekly Discussion‘ threads to help get the community active and participating in helping shape the future of the game. The social links in …