State of the Game #200 : 200 Weeks and Counting


Almost 4 years when I started this blog I made a promise to the community to update you with my status every week. It has now been 200 weeks without a missed update [although some cut it real close!] and I just wanted to say thank you for hanging in there with me on this crazy journey! Now, on to …

State of the Game #199: Dat Dip!

State of the game #199

Check out that dip! There are actually quite a few things in that video that show what I have been up to this past week. I started with finishing up the howitzer impact explosions.  I wanted something that had the size, but was distinctly different depending on the surfaces that you hit. This lead me to going through every level, …


State of the Game #198: Come Zoom with Me


So last week I was all about sound. That was until I went to add in some sounds for the UI, like zooming in. At that point, I realized I didn’t really have a ‘zoom in’, I was just switching cameras. And that is how the rabbit hole began. In this test video I had completely rewritten the camera system, …


State of the Game #197: I Walk Through the Valley of Sound


This week, to show my progress best, I will lead with a video. Oh what progress a week makes. The sounds of bullets whizzing by, distant explosions, parts being ripped off, and that oh so satisfying chug-chug-chug of machine guns. It almost brings a tear to your eye. So, there are several things that went into that video, and surprisingly …

State of the Game #196: I like the sound of that!


Welcome to this weeks State of the Game! Good news, I have finished most of the functionality of the main menus and have started to implement a better sound system! Also, I vastly under estimated how amazing a full featured game option menu could be. Do you know how much fun it is to hop into a Arena game with …


State of the Game #195: Finalizing the Game Options


Welcome to this week’s State of the Game! I am continuing to slog through the UI update and have made a lot of progress. Even though I promised no new features, this last main UI screen I am working on has really grown into what could be considered a full feature. The game options screen will allow a player to …


State of the Game #194: Additional Video Options


Welcome to another State of the Game! This week I have been continuing the work on the UI, finishing up the menu screen that I showed last week on the Live Dev stream. This included adding some MUCH needed additional controls over the video settings of the game. Instead of having a silly, one size fits all, drop down of …


State of the Game #193 : Game Settings UI


Welcome back to the first State of the Game since the great GPU debacle of 2015! So it turns out, this was the true order of events for fixing my development PC. 1. Issues start to arise with PC losing power randomly. 2. Check all internal wiring to make sure everything is good. 3. PC shuts down, fails to restart. …


State of the Game #192: Spreadsheets Live!


So, in my great stokes of luck, I got my replacement GPU and still had issues. So we replaced the power supply. Nope, new, different issues, but still not resolved. It appears that I am the most unlucky person in the world, as I had a bad GPU, a bad power supply, and a bad replacement GPU. So I have …

State of the Game #191: The Spreadsheet to End Them All


Welcome back! So, catching up from last week, the issue turned out to not even be my graphics card! The current speculation is a bad power supply, so I have a replacement on the way. In the mean time I have been digging through some spread sheets doing some fancy lore and production planning. I have created a master spread …