State of the Game #211: Loading…..


Wow, what a week of game development! This week started with me finally bending to the will of the masses and putting in an ejection screen to the game. This simple mechanic allows you to ‘eject’ and blow up your MAV in game. Very useful in arena mode when you are stripped. There is a 5 second delay on it …


State of the Game #210: Optimizations and AI


Welcome to the weekly State of the Game! First up, I have been adding a man made platform to No Mans Pass, on the north east corner of the map. Here is a view from the multi-tiered platform: I have been continuing the work on the level during the dev streams, but I do take breaks every now and then. …


State of the Game #209: Progress is coming!


Wow, what a difference a week can make! This week, has been a week of motion for sure. In fact, for a while there I was getting nervous that everything was stalling out, but, turns out it couldn’t be farther from the truth!   Come and get them! I have been serving up bug fixes all week! Who ordered the …


State of the Game #208: 4 years and counting!


Wow, 4 years of state of the game posts! Time flies when you are a 1 person team making a massive game! This week has actually not been that productive. :/ I was able to get some more work done finalizing the landmines and getting some additional progress on No Man’s Pass v2 done, but sadly on Friday night, right …

M.A.V. OneShots Episode 30

In this video, Earthenfist takes us through a soldier build in the classic Chromehounds ‘sidewinder’ type build.   Make sure to check out the full series as well!

State of the Game #207: Landmines!


This past week has been a bit of a whirl wind! The bulk of the work has been done on remaking ALL 100 rank icons to be higher resolution and more polished looking. Here are a few examples: Other than that, I have been hard at work finishing all the backend work to get landmines ready. I got everything in …

State of the Game #206: Chromehounds Memorial Day!


Log in and play MAV today and earn a special badge! I will be streaming Chromehounds and MAV related stuff all day on, so stop by!   Normal Dev streams will still happen this week!


State of the Game #205: The Battle Report Lives


Welcome back! So you might have noticed that I started work on the ‘battle report’ last week. This week I went about actually hooking it all up. Boy, was I in for a surprise though! I was missing some fundamental information. The basis for any stats system, is an excellent data gathering system. You need to compile as much data …


State of the Game #204: XP Rewards


Welcome to another state of the game! This past week has been a bit hectic. I spent some time tracking down some more unusual issues that users were having and that lead to a small change with the websites account system. users are no longer allowed to have spaces in their name. Moving on to more fun things! I got …