State of the Game #226: Snapshots!


This week I have been focused on making the performance optimizations from last week actually work in the context of the game! When you fundamentally change how the MAV’s are put together, you run into some strange issues. Most likely the funniest issue was me not accounting for rotation of the part you attach to the legs. Since I am …


State of the Game #225: Cutting a MAV in Half


Performance is a hell of a thing. Chasing it is as close to being addicted to drugs as I can imagine. Your always chasing that last tiny bit of it and it has you doing more and more crazy things with ever diminishing returns. Here is how I spent 96 hours chasing my last high. Preface: MAVs are expensive. MAVs on …

0.6.2 Released


Build 0.6.2 has released! This is a stable build release to address issues with some players not having account progression being tracked properly. Forum tread detailing the issue and instructions on how to recover lost data if you were affected by this bug: http://bombdogstudios.com/forums/topic/level-got-reseted/page/3/

State of the Game #224: Short and Sweet!


Short and sweet update! 0.6.1 is released! It’s a hot fix to address some issues that popped up in the Beta release. I am currently working hard on fighting fires as they pop up and continuing with the bug hunting, with my primary focus being on issues with profiles resetting. Once things die down a bit, I will work on …


State of the Game #223: Wow, what a Beta!


What an exciting week! In case you missed the news, MAV entered into Beta on Monday! Also known as the ‘Great 0.6.0 release’. This release has been in the works for quite some time and introduces many of the main systems that were missing from the Alpha versions of the game. This includes big systems like better lag compensation, a …


State of the Game #222: Is that Beta I hear?


The distant machine gun fire, the Earth shaking booms of howitzers, the roar of a flame thrower. It’s coming, it’s finally coming! On May 2nd, MAV will launch full force into Beta release! What does this mean? For starters, a truly MASSIVE content update! New part stats, new sounds, new VFX, new models, new performance increases, new progression system, new …


State of the Game #221: What is in a logo?


This was the logo I created when I first envisioned the game of MAV. A game about heavy robots, battling it out on the wastelands of [someplace to be determined] and doing [things to be determined] while also having to deal with [a cool thing. I will think of it later]. I had a very vague idea of what I …

State of the Game #220: Unlocking the Unlocking system


Forgive me for the terrible title. So this week I have been hammering away at lots of small polish tasks and issues that are coming up during testing. The largest new feature is the unlocking and full XP system. Yep, that’s right, you will now have to EARN your parts! Don’t worry, there are plenty of parts to be had …


State of the Game #219: Another Round of Testing


What a week! As stated in last weeks State of the Game, there is another closed beta test going on this week. So far, I would say it’s going pretty great! While lots of issues have been found, many of them have been fixed. I have been on pace, delivering a new test build nearly every day.  I have been …

State of the Game #218: Testing begins


What an exciting week! This past weekend MAV had it’s very first closed beta test. This is a bit different than the normal way things go, as in the past I have used snapshot builds for this type of testing. This was a very different type of testing though. MAV, for what I feel was the first time, underwent a …